The Gathering 2003 

This year "The Gathering" was held at the Handlery Hotel and Resort, 
which is centrally located in Mission Valley, the heart of 
San Diego, California.  

As I get pictures, I will post them below.  If someone else has them posted at another site I will post the link here. 

(Most of the pictures will get larger if you click on them but NOT all.  It depends on how big they were when they were sent to me)

   A BUSHY PARK GATHERING.jpg (217673 bytes)  1   
        A Bushy Park Gathering
Reminiscing.jpg (59129 bytes)  2 Pat Gunderson.jpg (204853 bytes)  3 Frank and Cliff.jpg (262261 bytes)  4 Cliff Gunderson.jpg (206934 bytes)  5
Reminiscing Pat Gunderson Frank & Cliff Cliff Gunderson
Frank and Cliff2.jpg (287630 bytes)  6 001Mickey Bacich.jpg (61395 bytes)  7 Jimalea_Schooley_Webb_Thyra_Caldwell__Jo_Barrett_Maas.JPG (393864 bytes)  8 008Watch out for that finger.jpg (89391 bytes)  9
Frank & Cliff Mickey Bacich Jimalea Schooley Webb,
Thyra Caldwell &
Jo Barrett Maas
Watch out for that finger
Jimmie, Thy & Jo.jpg (176480 bytes)  10 016In a daze.jpg (65129 bytes)  11 017It happened this way.jpg (93894 bytes)  12 002Jerry Kelly & Jim Davis.jpg (58299 bytes)  13
Jimalea Schooley Webb,
Thyra Caldwell &
Jo Barrett Maas
In a daze... It happened this way... Jerry Kelly & Jim Davis
007Bob Harrold.jpg (50620 bytes)  14 006Brenda Hickman McFarland.jpg (57162 bytes)  15 Thra Caldwell and Jimalea Schooley.jpg (555308 bytes)  16 015Mike & Kandia Hoyt.jpg (109781 bytes)  17
Bob Harrold Brenda Hickman McFarland Jimalea Schooley Webb
& Thyra Caldwell 
Mike & Kandia Hoyt
014Old Times.jpg (85528 bytes)  18 013One of the gangs.jpg (91309 bytes)  19 010Some of the crowd.jpg (88865 bytes)  20 009Spouses.jpg (65655 bytes)  21
Old Times

One of the Gangs
left to right:  Bill Percy, 
Paul Wilcott, Jim Heck, 
Thyra Caldwell, Anita Hardy Johnson, Mike Hoyt &
 Judy Risler Covington

Some of the Crowd Spouses
019mr janus, judy & Pat2a.JPG (15556 bytes)  22 019009Spouses1.jpg (15312 bytes)  23 018mr janus, judy & Pat1a.JPG (12860 bytes)  24 019009Spouses2a.JPG (14339 bytes)  25
Pat (Terpening) Owen
& John (husband)
Judy Risler 
& Mike Murphy
Mr. Frank Janusz
& Judy Risler
Judy Risler 
& Mike Murphy
020.JPG (22827 bytes)  26 021.JPG (93554 bytes)  27 022.JPG (42831 bytes)  28 023.JPG (68916 bytes)  29
Joe Trudo & Judy Risler Mr. Gunderson Judy Risler & 
Frank Janusz
Ren Briggs, Doss Harsch
& Jack Murphy
50000004.jpg (10669 bytes)  30 025.JPG (65867 bytes)  31 50000007.jpg (28878 bytes)  32 50000008.jpg (18776 bytes)  33
Mike Murphy &
Tom Witzel
Geneva Denard, 
Mickey Bascich & 
Mrs. Bascich
50000023.JPG (23476 bytes)  34
Class of 53-56
Marcia Craver's mother, Marcia Craver, Marilyn Burch, Ruth Lund, ?, 
Nancy Reed, John (Stan) Beverly & ?
024.JPG (74162 bytes)  35 50000024.JPG (20050 bytes)  36  37   38
Class of 57 Class of 57

Back row:   Bill Cooper, John Soule, Karl Phaler, Bill Douglas, Ed Klohe, Harold Defreece & ?
First row:   Cynthia Schofield Simmons-O'Neill, Helga Blanton Pepper, Aaron Sheldon Peters, Sandra Scanlan Matlack, Eileen Douglass?, John "Jack" Murphy & Carol Bassham

Can anyone fill in the names I do not have?

50000006.jpg (39521 bytes)  39 005Class of '58 on the lawn.jpg (130034 bytes)  40 50000010.JPG (36380 bytes)  41 50000026.JPG (17758 bytes)  42
Class of 58 Class of 58 Class of 58 Class of 58

Peter Burnett, Tony Taylor, Jerry Kelly, Fred Buhler, Bill Bailey, Wendell Oren Jones, Arnold Henry, Rik Henslee, Jim Green, Tom Witzel, Diane Lund McMahon, Nancy Hansen Key, Mike Murphy, ? Morgan, Jan Rodenmeyer Witmer, ? Morgan, Pat Terpening Owen, Althea Lawrence Patterson & Shari McClaren Vaughan

These are not in order but hopefully I have everyone named. 
(Except for the Morgan twins)  I STILL can't tell them apart!

50000013.jpg (180361 bytes)  43 50000011.JPG (35047 bytes)  44 50000041.JPG (164509 bytes)  45   46
Class of 59 Class of 59 Class of 59
50000005.jpg (43918 bytes)  47 004Class of '60 on the lawn.jpg (134220 bytes)  48 50000012.JPG (35033 bytes)  49 50000014.jpg (51158 bytes)  50
Class of 60 Class of 60 Class of 60 Class of 60

Back row: Mickey Bacich, ?, Joe Trudo?, Mike Hoyt, Bill Percy, Chuck Drude, Ren Briggs, Ray Stover
Middle row: Connie Newlin Drennon, Anita Hardy Johnson, Jim Davis, ? in blue, ? in white, ? in blue
Front row: Dale Robinson Agron, ? in dark shirt, Judy Risler Covington, ? in brown,  Bob Harrold, Jim Heck

Can anyone fill in the names I do not have?

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Click HERE for some photos of the reunion from Tony Taylor. 
(This text is also from Tony.)

They are posted on the Ofoto site (a Kodak company). Although you need to "join" Ofoto t open them, there is no cost, and you will not receive Spam from Ofoto. I have used them for years to store and share my photos, and never had a complaint. If you have a problem opening them, let me know at 
The last two photos are of Rik Henslee and me (Tony Taylor), both of '58; and of our wives, Barbara Henslee and Gitta Taylor.

If I have names misspelled or you know who someone is that I don't have listed, please email me and give me the number of the picture.

If you have any pictures you would like to share, contact Wanda at




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