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Bushy Tales

Dedicated to all who attended London Central High School in Bushy Park, London England from 1952 to 1962

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Issue #3

May 2001

Volume #1

Editor: Gary Schroeder (55)  gschroeder_uscgaux@email.msn.com

Editors Note

We are going to try to keep this, and future issues, to a maximum of ten pages. There are a few other things I will be trying out in other issues if size permits. When you see something new please let me know if you like it, or if you think I should discard it. The choice is yours as this is your Newsletter and it should be what you want.

Class Representatives

These are the ones who have volunteered so far:

1953 - Jackie (Brown) Kenny


1954 - Betsy (Neff) Cote


1955 - Nancie (Anderson) Weber


1957 - Celeste (Plitouke) Brodigan


1958 - Pat (Terpening) Owen

1959 - Jerry Sandham Jerry.Sandham@aig.com

1960 - Ren Briggs


1962 - Dona (Hale) Ritchie


This leaves ’56 and ’61 classes without representative - any one want to take care of your class? The job is not hard.

Roster Changes

From Jerry Berry (55)


My email has changed to bjl22@qwest.net (that's bj "letter L "22).

Richard "Bill" Douglas (57)


From Carol (Mabile) Pellissier (58) chascarjoy@home.com

We have a new address for postal mail:

P.O. Box 267, Ambridge, PA 15003

Joy (Sickler) Heslin (55)


We have moved back to Las Vegas. New address is 1945 N. Walnut Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89115 Phone: (702) 459-2888

Warren Gehrett (56) Address is now: P.O. Box 471, Ottumwa, IA 52501

Ronda "Roni" (Hall) Laubach (60)

NEW e-mail - RONILAUB@aol.com

Barbara (Sawyer) Huffman (58)

New email address. bobbiejean@cox-internet.com

Judy (Ross) Dunkle (60)

New e-mail jud@srv.net

A Special Tribute

I dedicated the first issue of this Newsletter to Charlie Andrews (56). Since that time I have received many emails from those of you who didn’t know Charlie, or anything about him, requesting more information. Below is a Tribute to Charlie from Ruth Lund (55).

From Ruth (Lund) Bethea (55):     wpe2.jpg (1499 bytes)


A lot of folks found their old Bushy Park friends through the website that Charlie created and maintained. The "Commobunker" site was a labor of love for him and he was happy to provide the place for folks to meet and stay in touch. He was as thrilled to find us, as we were to find him!

Although he worked tirelessly to keep that website up, he was never able to meet with any of the alumni with whom he'd been in touch. When I had the first mini-reunion here in the DC area, I convinced Charlie to come up from North Carolina and attend. He had a close friend, Mike, up here and agreed to come up for the weekend and meet the DC group for breakfast that morning out in Herndon.

I had about given up hope of his arrival when I looked up and there he was, almost the picture of his old photo in the Londoner... and he was in his full dress Green Beret uniform. It was wonderful for me to meet him as we had been emailing notes to each other for a while and I looked forward to a face-to-face meeting.

Many times after that gathering he told me how pleased he was that he came up to join us. The way things worked, it was his only chance as he was so ill.

I have no way of knowing if he was aware of his lung cancer as he never shared it with me. He also didn't tell me anything about the years in between London and then. I was content to share some current time with him via email and we left it at that.

Then he moved up here to this area. He called me one night and said he needed some help as he had lung cancer. We arranged to meet in a couple of days but that meeting never took place.

His friend contacted me to give me the sad news and I went to the services. I was surprised to find that Charlie was in "Who’s Who", a country/western singer (sang under the name of Lickskillet Sam), had a number one hit while still in England, and there had been articles in a 1985 country music magazine written about him. Only a man with such a fine sense of humor (and of the ridiculous) could have given himself that alias. And of course, all that aside from his service to his country as a Green Beret.

His recorded music was playing in the background during the service. The burial was with full Military Honors.

Where Are They?

Connie Carpenter (rumored to have been married and living in OK at time of

Kelle Johnson's death about 15 yrs ago - they were close friends)

Richard "Dick" Musgrave (someone said his father was a Gen. during those days)

Robert "Snarkie" Parker (was in 53 or 54 class)

Cecile Erichs
(a vague remembrance that her father was Col. Erichs)

In this issue we are looking for those we have not found from the Class of 55. Some of these may have been found and we are not aware of it yet. If you know where any of them are please let us know.

Anita Anderson
Eddie Benson
Lonnie Campbell
Kathleen Casey
Joseph Cox
Hal Dayhuff
Joy Grantham
Grace Hoffman
Robert Johnston
Robert Kulesh
Angela May
Bonnie McNeeley
Patricia Ann Miller
Patsy Pearson
Jack Pinneo
John Shearon
Joyce Snyder
John Tartar
Priscilla Wilder
Kirk Williams
Earl Anderson
Jay Berryman
Thomas Campbell
Antony Chapman
Kermit Day
Edward Garcia
James Grinnell
Lara Hurley
Betty Jones
Ronald Larson
Jacqueline McCloud
Deronne Meinicke
Warren Morgan
Diane Pendergrass
Donald Pohl
Ray Short
Henry Speed
Carol Von Sassenscheid
Gary Williams
Joyce Wilson
Douglas Beach
Joel Brown
Thomas Carroll
Elaone Coddaire
Sarah Grantham
Mary Jane Grinnell
Peter Hassell
Sue Ann Johnson
Marion Kimball
Arvie Martin
Nancy McNeal
Robert Michael
Ellen Nolan
Donald Price
Beverly Robinson
Norman Smith
Robert Stephens
Krystyna Warren
Kay Williams
Earlene Young

Does anyone have a list of the ones we have not found from the class of 56? If so, please send it to me. Thanks.

Item Of Interest

From Patricia (Terpening) Owen (58)


Here's some info that I pulled off the Internet that some people might be interested in. I sent for mine several years ago, and it was quite interesting. DoDEA Transcripts and Student Records Request Procedures. If you'd like a copy of your transcript from Bushy Park (or any other overseas DoDDs school), here's what you need to do.

This only applies to those who attended or graduated from an overseas DoDDS

school more than 5 years ago (it's different for different groups). More information is available at: http://www.odedodea.edu/transcript

You need to contact the Educational Testing Service (ETS) at Educational Testing Service (ETS) - DoDDS, P.O. Box 6605, Princeton, NJ 08541-6605. Requests may be mailed or faxed to the ETS and should include the following information:

Full name under which enrolled at time of attendance, Social Security Number (if applicable), Date of Birth, Name of school and year of graduation or last date of attendance, a daytime telephone number and the address transcript/record should be mailed to.

The requestor must sign the request letter because of the Privacy Act.

Transcript requests may be faxed to ETS: (609) 720-6800.


From Sherry Burritt Konjura (57) Sherger@juno.com

(She and her husband are in the theater.) Thought maybe those who live in the Ft. Meyers area might be interested.

We'll arrive in Ft. Myers and begin rehearsals for our show around May 16th, open the show the 30th, and run until June 30th. We will be performing almost every day with the exception of most Mondays. After we close, Gerry generally helps them build the set for the next show which opens almost a week after we close, then we leave and head (I hope!) to Tulsa to see my parents who are getting quite elderly.

After that, back to Lancaster to start rehearsal for the fall show here. The theatre in Ft. Myers is: The Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre and the show will be "Never Too Late" with Gerry and me in the leads.


From Donald Miller (54) Donaldm1@home.com

Don has scans of the 1953-1956 yearbooks. They are grouped in folders by year. The quality of the photos/pages varies according to the resolution used, when scanning. They are mostly the class photos of the years concerned. The photos of the juniors and seniors are good quality, but lower classes suffer due to lower resolutions. The total size for all of the scans from 1953-1956 is approximately 60 Megs. They fit easily on a CD, but Don is not really in a position to make multiple copies of the CDs. It would take a long time to send the files via the Internet unless the individual has DSL or Cable Modem service.

He would be willing to send copies of the yearbook to those with high-speed connections and would consider sending selected items on a case-by-case basis. He cannot guarantee a quick response and would only be able to do it on a time available basis.

The yearbook file sizes are as follows: 1953 - 10 megabytes;

1954 - 10 megabytes;

1955 - 27 megabytes

1956 - 12.5 megabytes.

If you are interested in information from these yearbooks, please contact Don at the above e-mail address.

How Things Change

(Editors Note: This is concerning the article in the last issue about Bushy Park being gone)

From Marcia (Thomas) Craver (53) TxStarmt@aol.com

I have recently emailed with a Brit who told me about the same thing -- that the buildings were no longer there and nothing remained to remind one of the old school. I visited London in mid-March but with only 2 days I didn't have time to take a look for myself. Still, I am wondering if we couldn't get

permission to place a small plaque there in the future to commemorate the first American High School in England? Toss that out and see what happens.


If anyone is ever around Jefferson, TX I will be happy to see them.... I still do shows each Sat in my theatre and travel about the 3-state area from time to time...will also be happy to forward a brochure on my activities if folks want to request by email to: TxStarmt@aol.com Cheerio!

Facility Update

Miss Florence Chamberlin


Mr. Gunderson - in care of his daughter diane_gunderson@hotmail.com

Mervin L. Little -died Tuesday, April 10, 2001, at his home in Holton, Kansas. Mr. Little taught at Bushy both old and new. Mr. Little taught English and music to US Air Force dependents in London, England and he had taught at Mayetta (Kansas). He was a pharmacist's mate in the Navy during World War II.

Memories of Bushy

From Dave Mangold (57)


The articles and comments (in the Newsletter) conjured up all manner of memories as I'm sure they did for all. I was fortunate to be at Bushy in 52-53 when it first opened, as a dormie in the 8th grade, along with Larry Michaels, thus, I can recall those thru the 1st 5 years, particularly if they stayed on at CHS. I returned to Bushy in Aug 55 and graduated in 57; so I feel like a Charter member as well!

I too got started finding everyone with the help of Charlie’s Commobunker site. He was also a 1st year CHS guy in the dorm at Surbiton and at Hampton Hall later.

From Dan Chew (54)


During the 52/53 school year the dorms were off campus, the girls at Saint Mary’s in Teddington and the boys in Surbiton (or was it Kingston?). I was a townie living in Surbiton. Dusty Bowers, some others and I would occasionally bend our elbows at a local pub (remember Bass Ale, Watney’s Stingo and Pimm’s cups?) before bussing to Saint Mary’s for coed nights. There was a parlor where we could dance, play ping pong, or watch TV with our hosts. A really big hit was the walled back garden whose night shadows provided a high degree of privacy to those so inspired.

As I recall, and I hope this is accurate, there was a very lovely dormie named Rosa Arns (or was it Barnes?). She was the only resident that admittedly had an English boyfriend. He was a soldier, Royal Marines I think, a really nice chap, who wore his uniform complete with garrison cap that made him look like Johnny from Phillip Morris ads. They usually went off-campus on their own somewhere and I wonder where they are today.

From Walt (Curly) Hunt 56


(Editors Note: I Am only showing some of Walt’s memories this time. The remainder will be in the next issue)

Although I spent only my first freshman semester at Bushy in the fall of 52, I have an enormous number of memories:

Playing on the soccer team that never won a game, but the cheerleaders came and once even exclaimed my legs were beautiful!

The killer fog that required an extra driver to walk in front of the school bus on the way home.

The dances at the Teen Club in (where? Regent's Park?)??

Sitting in the front row of the cinema squinting to see a film in spite of the dense fog. Seeing fog filter into the flat we lived in--seeing it at the end of the hallway at home.

Bumping into an invisible (because of the fog) lamppost in daytime. Cycling from Putney Bridge to the Embassy in ELEVEN MINUTES!

Going out on the town with Dusty Bowers, meeting two French girls, and sharing French kisses until we missed the last bus. Wow!

Walking through Hyde Park late at night to get home, even though the park was closed.

Dusty and I along with others I can't remember sailed on the USS William O. Darby to England with our families. We were in the Boy's Cabin. I still have a deck of cards from the trip with a picture of the ship on them.

Hanging out at Picadilly Circus. Hanging out at Penny Lane. Hanging out at Marble Arch on Sundays and heckling the speakers, especially the Communists.

Falling asleep on the Circle Line one night and making the complete loop.

Riding trains. Riding coaches. Riding the double-deckers. Sitting over the driver and stomping our feet to signal GO. Riding taxis. All exquisite vehicles with wonderful smells, textures, feelings, sights.

More to come.

From Diane (Lathrop) Zumwalt (56) dzumwalt@kscable.com

I was in the class of 1956 along with Shirley Penney and Judy (Blakeney) Clemens. Judy and Shirley (we called her Penney) all lived in the freshman girl’s dorm at Surbiton.

I have fond memories of my time at Bushy,

especially the Sundays that us students were given box lunches and trucked all over England on big buses. I remember we saw Salisbury Cathedral and Land's End, among other sights. And gosh how we sang to while away the miles! Every song I think we ever knew was sung at least once. I'll never

forget "The Girls of Mudville!" Take care.

From Arlene (Costello) Marcley (60) wmarcley@mindspring.com

I was going through my keepsakes from Bushy and came across several copies of the dorm paper called "MIDGET." I was editor in 1959 (and maybe '60). Anyway, I note that you graduated in '55. I have an issue of the MIDGET dated Oct. 25, 1955. How funny!

The lead story:

Topic: ---Can the boys and girls eat together? We are all very anxiously awaiting your reply "WHAT SAY MISTER J.? by Cindy Guertin. Dear Mr. Jacobs, as you know, the MIDGET has been running articles on a very touchy subject. Sincerely, Cindy."


AND BACK COMES THE REPLY! "Dear Cindy, I am very familiar with the topic you mentioned and I have given it a considerable amount of thought. Before committing myself, I would like to inform the MIDGET and its many readers that just because the idea of the boys and girls eating together has been brought up and published it is not a sign that you will be able to do so. The only answer I can give without showing any partiality is---no comment! Yours truly, S. N. Jacobs."

By the time I entered CHS 1959, Mr. Matthews, our principal, still wasn't allowing the boys and girls to eat together except, if memory serves, on Sunday when the buses rolled in. I believe we were allowed to eat together then.

Also, when I was a Senior (1960), my roomie Claudia Day and I used to wake up early, dress for school and go to the cafeteria where we handed out burnt toast and milk cartons to the BOYS! That was our way of getting to see all the guys every day. We worked 4 hours a week and made 75 cents an hour! Hey, it paid for the cigarettes I wasn't supposed to be smoking!

Look Who We Found

The following are recent finds and have been added to the roster. I also have quite a few corrections to be made to the roster and will send out an updated copy in the near future.


Diane (Calderwood) Caldwell (54)

tworks@mail.tds.net Her email is at her office so she asked that we make Bushy Park the subject of anything we email her, or her office manager will not open it.

Elaine (Turner) Jones (56)


Peter Laughlin (56)


Sandra "Carol" (Kirby) Jacinto (57)


Jaymes "Jaye" (Van Wolkenten) Turnbull (57)


Bill Rumble (57)


Malcolm Osmundson (58)


Ruth (Easley) Tidwell (58)


Leanore (Young) Arnold (58)


Otto Wyse (58)


Vivian "Arlene" (Costello) Marcley (60)


Peggy (O'Neill) O'Reilly (60)

Email address maggieo@erols.com

Catherine Fultz Amos (61)

Email address cefao@earthlik.net

Margaret (Bouterse) Clement (61)


Hans Strossner (61)

Donald Drasheff (62)


Michael Flener (62)

Bob Newkirk (62)


Jean K. (Vartanian) Perry (62)

Kathy Fardy (62)


Deep Dark Secrets of Bushy

From Nancie Weber (55)


Browsing some old Bushy things I came across Coco's wondering who the guy was who fell through the girls' dorm roof.

It was Steve McElroy '58. I can't remember who told me, but I keep forgetting to tell Coco.

Also from Nancie:

In your next newsletter, I wonder if you'd like to mention that copies of our Reunion 1999 booklet are still available @ $10.00 each. Recently found alumni might enjoy the book that, in four sections covers the reunion, the history of Bushy Park as it relates to our school, 8 pages of early and amusing 1950s vignettes, and profiles of most alumni who attended the reunion in Las Vegas. It can be ordered from me:

Nancie Anderson Weber '55
22309 Canyon Lake Drive South
Canyon Lake CA 92587-7571

Money raised in this regard will go to Branson reunion expenses.


(Editors Note: My copy is re-read often for the smiles and memories. Best $10 I ever spent)

Classmates Who Have Transferred To The Eternal Duty Station

Our love and prayers go out to the family and friends of our classmates who have gone on before us. We will miss them, yet we can find comfort in knowing that one-day we will all join them for the greatest of all reunions.

Graham Bussler (57)

Gerald (Jerry) Upton (57)

Barbara Dunard (57)

Patrick O'Brien (57)

William (Butch) Densford (57)

Robert Dorman (57)

Georgia Foelsing (57)

Barbara Martin Hobbs (58)

Neal Moore, husband of Ann Besancon Moore (58) passed away in January.

Janet Bode (61)

Janet Bode, 56, a writer raised in College Park whose 14 books about coping with the realities of life are among the most popular written for teenagers, died of breast cancer December 30, (1999) at her home in New York.

Her books included "The Voices of Rape", "Food Fight: A Guide to Eating Disorders for Pre-Teens and Their Parents" and "Heartbreak and Roses: Real Life Stories of Troubled Love."

Janet Bode, a graduate of the University of Maryland, worked as a young woman as a teacher in Germany, Tampa and Guadalajara, Mexico and as a public relations agent for the Girl Scout council in Lawrence, Kansas. She turned increasingly to writing as therapy after 1972, the year she was brutally attacked in a dark wood in Bowie (Maryland).

Survivors include her companion and collaborator, cartoonist Stan Mack of
New York; and two sisters, Carolyn Bode of Santa Monica, California, and
Barbara Bode of Washington, D.C.

The following was received from Stan Mack:

I am Stan Mack, Janet Bode's long time partner. I'm sorry to tell you that she died on Dec 30, 1999. She fought breast cancer for five years with her usual bravery and incredibly positive approach to life. I am writing a book about her life and period of illness. If you or any of her other bushy park classmates would like to share any memories of her, I'd love to hear from you. And please don't hesitate to write with any questions. Email: mackbode@inch.com

(Editors Note: In the last issue I printed an article from Pat (Terpening) Owen (58) about finding classmates who died in Vietnam in the service of our country. In this issue, and future issues, I will show others we have found and their location on "The Wall" in DC. If you know of any that we do not have please send us the information for a future issue.)

Stanley Lee Adams (61) - Captain, US Air Force - 26 years old, born April 3, 1943, from Dayton, Ohio - Served in Vietnam from March 5, 1969 until death on November 4, 1969. His name can be found on Panel 16W - line 25.

Jimmy Linwood Rhodes (62) - SP4, US Army - 22 years old, born September 14,

1944, from Orrum, North Carolina - Unknown start of tour until death on November 21, 1966. His name can be found on Panel 12E - Row 105.

Reunion News

 Listed below (Spouses are not listed, but most, if not all, will also be attending) are the ones who have indicated they will be attending the Branson Reunion in October. Is your name listed? If not you still have a chance to be among those lucky ones to attend and have all the fun and fellowship with your friends from the past.

Contact Ted Hopkins mrteddyboy@msn.com to let them know you will be attending. He is NOT making the reservations (you need to contact the Hotel yourself for reservations) but he needs to know who is coming. I sure hope to see you there - if not we sure will miss you.
Class Representatives: If you can, without too much expense, send those of your class
without email the information about the Reunion. Thanks.

Suzanne (Garrison) Mayo
Peggy (Corder) Johnson
Billie (Culp) Bules
Betsy (Neff) Cote
Bob Lyle
Gary Baldwin
Charles Clemens
Scott Short

Ruth (Lund) Bethea
Marilyn (Burch) Harkey
Karen (Harvey) Petroni
Joyce (Ford) Williams
Fred Timms
Gary Schroeder
Richard Schroeder
Ted Hopkins

Judy (Blakeney) Clemens
Judy (Bourgeois) Jensen

Celeste (Plitouke) Brodigan
Shirley (Huff) Dulski
Barbra Bookhamer
June McDaniel
Chuck Neff
Janis Mittlestadt
Christine (Pepucci) Onufrock
Dave Mangold
Bill (Grable ) Rees
Rev. Aaron Peters

Ruth (Easley) Tidwell
Diane (Lund) McMahon
Ed Brown
Bill Bailey
Bob Hopkins
Pat (Terpening) Owen

Pat ( Harmon ) Sweeten

Good News We Like To Share

Joyce Knapp Holland (58)

Boatdollie@aol.com is a published author. She has two mystery novels entitled:

"Boat Dollies" and "Beyond Gulf Breeze". One can read about them at: www.deadlyalibipress.com/joycehollandwebpage.html

Mini Bios.

From Jerry Sandham (59)


Mini Biography: 1959 - returned to USA and entered Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA.

1965 - graduated from Drexel University

with B.S. Degree in Business Administration. Started job with GMAC (sales finance subsidiary of GM) in New York City.

1981 - resigned from GMAC and started new job with American International Group (AIG), a property and casualty insurance company. I work in Accounting Department and the company is located in downtown New York City near Wall Street.

I am married. Name of wife - Susan. I have three children, Shawn, Aimee and Elizabeth (Betsy). My residence is:

Jerry Sandham
17 Eastern Drive
Kendall Park. N.J. 08824

 From Dan Chew (54)


After ’54 graduation, returned stateside with folks (Gary Baldwin, Charlie Clemens on same trip, as I recall.) Folks went to Barksdale AFB, Louisiana; I stayed in California, did one semester college before enlisting in Marine Corps. Served two years on missile cruiser USS Toledo, remainder in Fleet Marine Force. Worked at Hughes Aircraft missile division prior to returning to campus. Degrees taken, San Francisco State: BA, MA broadcast communication arts. Broadcasting career, commercial, cable, public, educational, spanned nearly three decades, four states, various television specialties: copywriter, announcer, art/photography director, on-air weather forecaster, program producer/director, production manager, operations manager. Taught higher education courses: television production, television direction, and photography. Heavy involvement in design of high technology classrooms, lecture halls. Married: wife Carol, daughter Carrie. Favorite pastimes: winemaking, natural landscaping, fly-fishing, and photography. Am volunteer Director of Communications for Milwaukee USS Des Moines Historic Ship Project. Will retire from public service July 2001.

This and That

From Coralie(Guertin)Lajoie (55)


I thought this message would bring back many wonderful memories for our generation. Perhaps you could put it in one of your Newsletters. I found your first one very interesting and enjoyed it immensely.

Close your eyes.....And go back in time....

Before the Internet or the MAC,

Before semi automatics and crack Before SEGA or Super Nintendo... Way back........

I'm talking about hide and seek at dusk.

The Good Humor man, Red light, green light. The corner store, hopscotch, butterscotch, doubledutch, jacks, kickball, dodgeball. Mother May I? Red Rover and Roly Poly Hula Hoops Running through the sprinkler

The smell of the sun and licking salty lips....

Wax lips and mustaches An ice cream cone on a warm summer night chocolate or vanilla or strawberry or maybe butter pecan.

A cherry coke from the fountain at the corner drug store

Watching Saturday Morning cartoons...

short commercials Fat Albert, Road Runner, He-Man, The Three Stooges, and Bugs, Or staying up for Gunsmoke. Or back further, listening to Superman on the radio, when around the corner seemed far away, and going downtown seemed like going somewhere.

A million mosquito bites. Sticky fingers.

Cops and Robbers, Cowboys and Indians, Zorro. Climbing trees, Building igloos out of snow banks Walking to school, no matter what the weather.

And the list goes on - more next time.

A Little Humor


From Rick Schroeder (55) SSchroe273@aol.com

Confidential Note to Dianne (Lathrop)

Zumwalt from Richard Schroeder (55). Reference your and my contributions to

the April 2001 Newsletter.

God, Dianne, why didn't you tell me about the gun? Spilling the water on Angela's painting could have gotten me KILLED as in DEAD!! Some friend (classmate) your are, springing this on me now when I am old could have a weak heart. I'll try to keep this between you and me, but if Angela is still out there, I would appreciate a warning this time, if she is heads this way. You never know how long women can hold a grudge!

Editors Note

You all know by now how wild I can get with some of my ideas - well here I go again. I had an idea the other day (scary isn’t it) about what we could do for a 2002 reunion. How about a cruise? There are two cruise ships that leave from Galveston, Texas to Mexico on 4 or 5 day cruises. We would be all together with no additional charges for Hotel, meals,

entertainment, etc…. Prices right now are as low as $400.00 for a 5 day cruse. I am sure if we could have a good size group they would give us a good group rate on the price, as well as set up some sort of special place for us to have our dinner dance or what ever we decide to have. This would be a good way for us to have a reunion with someone else taking care of us, and all the details while we were there.

This was only an idea - let me know what you think. If enough think it is a good idea I will check with the Cruise Lines and see what kind of a deal we can get. My thought would be to do it in the first couple of weeks of November as the weather here is still very pleasant and the cruse prices are lower at that time. Let me know your thoughts on this.

If you sent me something for the Newsletter and you don’t see it in this issue don’t be disappointed. Watch the next issue for your article, but don’t let that stop you from sending in something else. We want to hear from all of you and what you send will be published in some issue. This newsletter depends on your input. Without it there will not be a Newsletter - hope to hear from you.

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