Then & Now


Hi!  Well we've all changed but like fine wine.... we are much better.  Who would have dreamed that in 40 years we would all meet and become friends again?   There is no order, no rhyme nor reason for this page.  It's just a whim.  

Sandy_Klueh.JPG (2857 bytes)

Sandy Klueh
Class of 60

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Carol_Sather.JPG (2265 bytes)


Carol Sather 
Class of 58

Carol_s.jpg (5822 bytes)



Dennis Schurter
Class of 60

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Nancy_Rumph.JPG (3211 bytes)

Nancy Rumph
Class of 58

Nancy_r.jpg (4869 bytes)


Wanda_Castor.JPG (1087 bytes)

Wanda Castor
De Vary
Class of 60

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Connie_Haave.JPG (13406 bytes)

Rusty_Hockett.JPG (4095 bytes)

Connie Haave Saunders
Class of 1958
Rachael Hockett
Class of 1959


Gary_Schroeder.JPG (4943 bytes)

Gary Schroeder
Class of 55
G_Schroeder.JPG (6770 bytes)


William_Cooper.JPG (6090 bytes)

William Cooper
Class of 57
WWCooper.JPG (57531 bytes)


Charlie_Daniels.jpg (74613 bytes)

Charlie Andrews
Class of 56
C_Daniels.JPG (17957 bytes)



Mike_Hoyt.JPG (11107 bytes)

Mike Hoyt
Class of 60
Mike_Hoyt1 (21188 bytes)


Jean_Lack_small.JPG (3252 bytes)

Jean Lack
Class of 59

Jean_Griffing.jpg (9749 bytes)


Marcia_Craver.JPG (7365 bytes)

Marcia  Craver 
Class of 53
Marcia1.jpg (80446 bytes)


Doug_Eskra.JPG (9770 bytes)

Doug Eskra
Class of 60
Doug_E (30702 bytes)


gene4.JPG (11062 bytes)

Gene McCoy
Class of 59  

Gene1.jpg (1845 bytes)


Sheldon2.JPG (11406 bytes)

Sheldon "Pete" Peters
Class of 57

Sheldon.JPG (18884 bytes)


Sue Miller
Class of 62


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EdwinaWhiteheadthen.jpg (76292 bytes)


Edwina Edwards
Class of 61


EdwinaWhiteheadnow.jpg (146773 bytes)



David McManigal
Class of 56




Who is next?  
Any one have a recent picture they would like to share?
email: Gary Schroeder (55)