Hi Folks!  Your gonna love this stuff!

These photos have been sent courtesy
Eugene McCoy class of 59
Thanks to his willingness to share ...
we can all enjoy them.

Plus, see below "9 Bushy Guys" a photo of found in an album that Bill (Steward) Lambert brought
to Las Vegas for the 2006 Gathering. (posted by Bob Percy, 28Oct06)

NOTE:   Some of these files are very BIG and take a LONG time to download.  I may not leave them on here for long because of it.  I am wondering if it is worth the wait. 
I like them but will you.......

Anyone remember "The Platter's?

How about the handbooks?

Graduation Invitation 1959

Commencement 1959

MIDGET      NO 1    NO 2   


Junior Senior Prom 1959

Anyone order a jacket?

Basketball Newsclip



2 3 4 5 6 7


9 10

Who's in position 6? Got the answer? email Bob Percy (posted Sa.28Oct06)
Bushy Boys who are they? (360KB)
Standing left to right: 1. Andy Erskine? • 2. Steward (Bill) Lambert • 3. Tom Daener • 4. Bill Percy • 5. Frank Schreiber • 6. • 7. Chuck Drude • 8. Jack Johnson • Sitting Bob Percy

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Aren't these fun? 
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