Here are a few pictures courtesy of Marcia Craver Thomas.
Thank you Marcia, for sharing.

NOTE: These are big files so be patient.
(Go get a cup of coffee or let the dog out)

Admin.jpg (9920 bytes) From the 1953 yearbook

Mary Jane Grinnell
Marcia Craver
Glynell Colwick
Barbara Jane Grinnell

Major2.jpg (115138 bytes)
Table.jpg (36748 bytes) Marcia Craver
Barbara Bowman
Ruth Davis
From the 1953 yearbook Uhoh.jpg (8080 bytes)
Table1.jpg (45159 bytes) Ray Algren
Connie Carpenter
Dick Musgrave
Celia "Kelle" Johnson
Anyone know the others ?

These are great pictures!

Anyone else have some to share?
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