Here are a few pictures courtesy of Jackie Brown Kenny.
Thank you Jackie, for sharing.

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Yes, I know it is hard to see but...
it is old.

I have re-typed the text so
that it will be easier to read.

   Bushy Park, England, Central High School graduates (left to right) include:  First row, Kelle Johnson, Sherry Gregory, Arden Atkinson, Sandy Pirie, Kay Owen, Jackie Brown, Bobbie Brewer, Anne Jones and Susie Talbot.   Second row, Pat Piety, Atha Robinson, Mariann Walton, Lois Fontaine, Pat D'Arcy, Cecile Erichs, Connie Carpenter and Ruth Davis.  Third row:  Dick Musgrave, Reed Muller, Sam Neves, Ray Algren, Principal Larned, Harold Baldwin, Kevin Carroll. Pete Granata, Budge Lynn and Henry Mason.  Not present for picture, Pete Garrison, Polly Neiman and Gene Cain.


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