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This is a news clipping from the Daily Graphic,
October 11, 1952

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This news clipping was to big for my scanner
so I had to do this one in two pieces.  I retyped the
text for those of us that have trouble reading
the actual clipping

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Under the boy and girl on the left it says..... 

Boy meets girl at the first U.S. high school in Britain. 
Here are Betty Sullivan, an air force sergeant's daugher,
and Ronald ("Dusty") Bowers, both aged 17. 
Says Ronald:  "We've been going steady for a week." 


The arrow pointing up says........

Happiest days of your life, 1---- out - of - class scene in the
official smoking - room at the Bushy Park school.  One boy wears
signet-rign with H inscription.  All are smoking 9d. for 20 cigarettes. 
Favoured dress for teenage pupils:  Girls - bright coloured sweaters: 
boys - checked shirts, zippered jackets.  There is no school uniform. 

The arrow pointing to the left says........

Happiest days of your life, 2 ---- hard-at-it close-up in the classroom. 
Note the ultra-modern desk, with writing surface supported by a single
arm, shelf for books under seat and unrestricted leg room.  Pupils sit in
pairs at desks.  Dress for lessons is optional.  This pupil wears a silk
scarf with his jacket - no tie - turn-up cotton trousers - and side-whiskers.

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By Daily Graphic Reporter

The room was full of American accent, tobacco smoke and
children.  But then it was the children's smoking-room.

"Official" - that is the term.  It was the "official smoking-room" for
boys and girls aged 15, 16 and 17. 

That's the way it is in American "co-ed" schools.  And that's th way
it was yesterday at the first central high school to be established at
Bushy Park, ENGLAND, for the children of U.S. Air Force men

There was an air about the room.  Clothes were gay.  Slogans were
hurled into the blue haze like "Vote for (puff) McCrary for class president."

And there was Mr. Volney Farnad, the headmaster, smoking, smiling
and saying:  "If the kids want to smoke - O.K.  They bring me a note
signed by their father.  And they smoke."

So it seemed.  Garry Schroeder hurried out from geometry, lit a cigarette
(they are 9d, for 20), and drawled:  "YES, Sir, I smoke about 150 a week,
I guess.  Get 'em from the PX"  (U. S. version of NAAFI).

More moderate is Ronald Cain, also 15.  "I (puff) smoke 100 a week," 
he grinned,  "have one?"

Harold Baldwin, aged 17m gets through his 100 like Ronald Cain. 
But not all the 210 children at the school smoke.

And two are engaged

Mr. Farnad explained:  "It's better this way.  It's in the open. It's
better than the kids snitching smokes everywhere and leaving
cigarette butts all around the place."

Romance has come to the school, opened last month.  For
example, listen to 17-year-old Betty Sullivan as she touches
heavy silver ring on a thin chain round her neck.  "I smoke
only 15 a day.  I'm going steady with a boy."  "That's me sir,
I guess," spoke up "Dusty" - 17-year-old Ronald Bowers -
as he slipped an arm round Betty's waist.
  But "going steady"
is not being engaged.  if you want to meet ENGAGED  girls
there is Sanda Gordon, who is 16 and wears the betrothal ring
of an American staff-sergeant.

And there is Kellie Johnson, who is also 16 and is to marry a
technical sergeant.

Eddie Warren summed up:  "I was in one of your English

schools once.  All Victorian.  Kinda creepy".  

Again.... remember folks
these news clippings are very old

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