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Thanks to each of you who have taken the time to submit photos and articles for the newsletter. Another month keeps rolling around, so - tell us of your favorite memories of your time at Bushy Park - about your friends there, things you did, places you went, friends you have seen recently, etc. Who were your favorite teachers? Were you a dorm resident or one of the daily bus riders? What did you do after leaving Bushy Park? Have you been back to Bushy Park since leaving? Have you been back to where you lived in the UK? Have you recently met up with any of your Bushy Park friends? Any other aspects of your time at Bushy Park or in the UK would be of interest. Tell us about it. Send photos!
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In Memoriam: Pat Owen updated the 'BP Deceased List' 28Sep15. (Also, see the Oct.15 'Bushy Tales')
This is email message [excerpt] was sent by Gary on 30Jul16 with the July '16 issue of “Bushy Tales" - "The May 2016 issue of “Bushy Tales” presents a few tributes to Gerald "Gary" Earl Schroeder (14Nov36-26Mar16.) He was truly amazing. His compassion and generosity to others is beyond what many of us can comprehend. As you can clearly see in the attached tribute by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary folks with whom he worked, he was not your average Coast Guard Auxiliary member! Gary was all in with everything he did. Those of you who are moved to write a tribute to Gary, please do so and send it along. The tribute edition of 'Bushy Tales' dedicated to Gary Schroeder is at: May_2016_issue.pdf (.pdf)" -- Your Acting Editor, Bill Rumble.
Give a visit: Mike Magnan small envelope , Orleans American High School (OAHS, '55-'67), Orleans, France requested listings for 2 of the OAHS websites. They are: Orleans American High School & Un Tour d'Orleans Tour
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This roster is for students that went to RAF Station Bushy Park, London, England, Central High School.   Most students only went there for a short time so they are listed by their graduating year, no matter what school they graduated from.  Only the first 10 years are listed.  1953 thru 1962

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Many people have contributed to the success of this site.  They have loaned me their personal pictures, yearbooks and mementos to scan and share with you.  Thanks to everyone.

You can search by name below.

This page is always under construction.  Names are being added as people are found.  So check back often.  If you find a mistake, would like to add a name or would just like to make a comment, please contact one of the reps listed below.   Or, feel free to contact me Wanda (Castor) DeVary.  Don't forget to add your name and your year!

  1. "Bushy Tales" - Dedicated in Memoriam to Charlie Andrews (CommoBunker)

    Class Representatives:
    1953 - Jackie (Brown) Kenny 
    1954 - Betsy (Neff) Cote 
    1955 - Nancie (Anderson) Weber 
    1956 - Edie (Williams) Wingate (Edie's the new '56 Rep per May '09 Bushy Tales)
    1957 - Shirley Huff Dukski 
    1958 - Pat (Terpening) Owen 
    1959 - Mike Hall  (per Ren 20Feb09)
    1960 - Ren Briggs 
    1961 - Betsy (Schley) Slepetz 
    1962 - Dona (Hale) Ritchie 

  2. 62-66 - , 606 Linkcrest, Duncanville, TX 75137 early and mid-60's
  3. 68-71, Junior High: '74, 8017 Clark Station, Severn, MD 21144; Ph: 410.551.1625
  4. 67-72 - '70, 3618 Sugarloaf Lane, Valrico, FL 33594, Phone: 813.684.6669
  5. 72-76 - '73, 16310 Banbury Lane, Bowie, Maryland 20715-4363, Ph: 301.805.8290
  6. 77-present '78, 1515 South Melrose Drive #49, Vista, CA 92083-7445
  7. + additional by-year class pages & representatives through 1999 (

  8. -62-66/77 sources courtesy of-
    Lyn Baskett Fort, WebMaster American Overseas Schools Historical Society, (alt) AOSHS, Glenn Greenwood, Communications Director
    Lakenheath Alumni Resources
    London Central + LCHS, DoD Schools and Dependants stuff (, J. Mercer) was created for alumni of London Central High School, Bushy Park and Bushey Hall, High Wycombe. (~ '66-'77 ?)
    Google LCHS links

See the Reunions Page: (updated We.25May16 - rfh)

London Central High School closed it's doors!
September 2006-England School Closure (LCHS) - Affects Command-Sponsored UK Assigned Personnel

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This Bushy Park roster site was originally created & maintained by: Wanda DeVary.

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